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Realtor. Networker. Serial Entrepreneur & Investor.


JD Panesar grew up into the world of real estate; that experience combined with his deep understanding for the client’s wants makes him an wonderful agent.

JD was exposed to the world of real estate at a young age which enabled him to learn what it took to buy, renovate and manage real estate holdings. Growing up he always had an entrepreneurial mindset. He earned a degree in Business Administration and
JD has had many business ventures over the years but his passion for real estate drove him to focus his time in this domaine.

He has been a top level producer since he started and was awarded rookie of the year his first year in this agency.

JD puts his clients needs as his top priority. Rest assured he will always go out of his way to give the best customer service. He is now also a real estate coach and motivator. JD is passionate about helping others.changing lives and giving back. He is on route to becoming a real estate backed life coach influencer which will be his legacy.